What We Do

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Hotel Management

Legacy Ventures’ key differentiators as a hotel manager are the quality and breadth of our talent and our focus on the guest experience. Our engaged team has broad expertise in the areas of F&B, design, construction, HR, marketing, revenue management, accounting and finance. Our hotel assets have seamless access to these skill sets in the course of their investment hold period and achieve superior financial results. Our goal is to drive long-term value for our investors and third-party owners.

Restaurant Management

We recognize that exceptional guest experiences and bottom-line profitability are today’s objectives for restaurant and event space assets. Creativity, passion, and superior talent are our keys to meeting these goals for third-party owners, as well as at our own restaurants. At hotel properties, our restaurant and event space management teams are aligned with sister hotel operations. Our focus on F&B as a profit-center enhances the guest experience and builds asset value.

Acquisition & Development

Legacy Ventures continues to grow its owned portfolio through strategic acquisitions and ground-up development projects. We actively search out opportunities that will meet the investment objectives of both Legacy and our prospective partners. Our acquisition and underwriting strategy to determine the feasibility of an investment opportunity combines market analysis, operations analysis, and detailed financial forecasting. 

Legacy Ventures’ in-house design and construction team is a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals from the fields of architecture, interior design, engineering, and general contracting. We have experience across a wide range of hotel, restaurant, and multi-use projects, from managing the design and construction of $100 million dollar development projects to acting as general contractor for major repairs and renovations of our operating assets.

Food & Beverage Concepting

Our forte is creating site-specific food, beverage and banquet programs, often in hotel settings. In addition to our owned restaurant concepts, we work for third-party owners developing the right concept based on their objectives and our analyses of their asset’s physical attributes and market supply/demand characteristics. Our restaurants have been recognized in such publications as USA Today, Home and Garden, National Culinary Review, Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, and Delta SKY.

Asset Management

In our role as asset manager, Legacy Ventures monitors and maintains client assets to achieve a single end: maximum return on investment. We have an owner-operator mindset and add value for owners through a full range of services including: acquisition analysis; brand evaluations and negotiations, including franchise agreements, PIPs, and potential conversion opportunities; financial budgeting and marketing plan reviews; monthly financial and operational reviews; property condition assessments; capital expenditure planning and budgeting; supervision of preventive maintenance; oversite of leasing activities.