Legacy Insider – Issue 5


Owners, investors and lenders seek problem solvers and proven performers. That is why our strong performance and reputation are paving the way to new opportunity. For example, it was admiration for our Embassy Suites – Centennial Olympic Park that led to our opportunity to develop and manage the Embassy Suites in Chattanooga. It was our track record of successful integration of new with old that led GE Pension Trust to ask us to develop and asset manage a hotel addition to Villa Christina (Hyatt Regency). It was appreciation of our multifaceted F&B competencies that led to becoming the portfolio F&B operator for Cinnamon Shore in Texas. It was our reputation for flawless execution that led to Legacy Ventures to host 8 of the NCAA’s 12 sanctioned events over the Atlanta Final Four. This issue of Legacy Insider celebrates the company’s 2016 Internal Promotions. Legacy’s good work is creating opportunity.

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