Legacy Insider – Issue 10

“Our third annual LEAD awards gala was a momentous event. First and foremost, we celebrated the best of the best across all Legacy Ventures divisions and assets. I congratulate all who attended – the finalists, their supervisors who supported them, and, of course, the award winners. Secondly, it is with a sense of accomplishment that I note how Legacy Venture’s LEAD awards have become part of our company fabric. We have been celebrating LEAD for three years, and we will celebrate LEAD for many years to come. This kind of team-centric tradition is found in companies that engender a sense of loyalty between team management, team members at large and their common mission.

Look up the word Loyalty. You will find definitions that can all be related back to Legacy Ventures’ corporate
ideal of encouraging and celebrating great work:

• Loyalty means making something or someone a priority and doing so in small and discrete but meaningful ways.

• Loyalty means staying true to someone or something even when other things call attention.

• Loyalty is a way of showing support for a person or thing.

Legacy Ventures leadership is steadfast in our loyalty for our team and our customer service mission. We see and are honored by the loyalty demonstrated every day by team members. With your help and our collective
values and traditions, we are building a great company. Thank you for all you do.


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