Der Biergarten’s Authentic German Cuisine Featured by the Atlanta Journal Constitution


“Jeff Sime of Legacy Ventures restaurants also has fond memories of Oktoberfest in Munich. ‘The celebration, the music, and camaraderie in the tents is unlike anything else I have experienced.’ He and his partners opened Der Biergarten to bring the food and atmosphere of a German beer garden to downtown Atlanta.

As for pairing German beers with food, Sime said, ‘German beers as a whole are lighter than one may think. The most popular are Pilsners, which are light and crisp, perfect for when you’re eating heavy food out on a patio. As the beers get slightly more bitter, they can be very palate cleansing when eating cheese and fattier sausages.’

As might be expected, Der Biergarten has been celebrating Oktoberfest all month with weekly specials and tapping a new German imported beer. The party continues for one more weekend.”