Chef Christopher Blobaum Promoted to Vice President of Food & Beverage


Legacy Ventures is proud to announce that Chef Christopher Blobaum is being recognized with a promotion to Vice President of Food & Beverage. Chef Blobaum has been with Legacy Ventures since May of 2013 and has responsibility for all menus at Legacy Ventures’ restaurants, catering services and hosted events. Chef Blobaum has introduced many successful menu innovations. He consistently represents the highest possible standards of professionalism and excellence, and his culinary leadership has helped advance Legacy Ventures’ Food & Beverage.

Chef Blobaum’s passion for creating innovative dishes began at an early age in his native Iowa where he learned to appreciate organic farming and agricultural sustainability firsthand. Classically trained in the French style, Chef Blobaum studied at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. and today enjoys combining classic regional fare with fresh flavors of locally and garden-grown ingredients. Immediately before joining Legacy, Chef Blobaum served as corporate chef for Liberty House Restaurant Corporation with culinary oversight of Bone’s, Blue Ridge Grill and OK Café.