Atlanta Journal Constitution Previews Dos Bocas – Opening Next Week in Downtown Atlanta


Cajun cuisine will meet Tex-Mex when Dos Bocas opens in downtown Atlanta next week.

Dos Bocas — which means “two mouths” in Spanish — will open Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 275 Baker St. NW … Brian Bullock, chief operating officer of restaurants with Legacy, said he initially came up with the idea for a Cajun-Tex-Mex eatery while traveling back and forth between New Orleans and Texas while working for the Houstons restaurant group.  He said he and Legacy founder David Marvin have “both always loved that food and loved that style, and we’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity.”  That came when Legal Seafood decided not to renew its lease. Legacy, which owns the space, “took the opportunity to open up the focus” and started to work on the Dos Bocas concept, Bullock said.

In late 2018, Bullock took some of Legacy’s corporate chefs and operations staff to New Orleans. The group drove to San Antonio and “ate about 40 restaurants in between,” making note of what to incorporate into the Dos Bocas concept. Bullock said he’s been to New Orleans at least 10 times since.   While the marriage of Tex-Mex and Cajun food might not be an obvious — or well-explored — one, Bullock said the cuisines lend themselves to a natural pairing.

“If you take the heart of Cajun country, Lafayette, and you take the heart of Tex-Mex, Houston, it’s literally a three hour drive,” he said. “It all blends well together, the flavors, the styles. It’s something that’s always been in (all of our staff), and it all finally just came together.” “

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