Atlanta Business RadioX Interviews Legacy Ventures’ COO of Restaurants, Brian Bullock


Brian Bullock was recently interviewed by Atlanta Business RadioX about Legacy Ventures’ newest restaurant concept, Dos Bocas, as well as Legacy Ventures’ success in the hospitality industry.

“We’re doing something called ‘Dos Bocas’ which means two mouths. It’s a Cajun and Mexican-Tex mix concept. Something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. I was a General Manager in New Orleans and a General Manager in Houston, and really got into that vibe of food, and really saw how close they are together. If you think about going from Lafayette, Louisiana to Houston, really it’s a few hours, and you encompass all of that great food. We’re getting ready to open it, we’re going to open it late summer, and we’re excited about it.”

” [Legacy Ventures] has really matured into what we consider a hospitality development company. So we own hotels, we operate hotels, we operate them for other people, we build them, we don’t operate them. We can own, develop, build, get you the brand, find the funding, and put the concepts in and any and all above. So we’re in four states now, we’re in Texas; we’re in Madison, Wisconsin, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. We just look for the right project, we like to specialize in full service hotels on the hotel side, we think we have a great niche on that because we have a restaurant division, and it’s worked out great for us.”

Listen to the full interview at the link below.