Atlanta Business Chronicle: Legacy Ventures Restores One of Atlanta’s Most Historic Hotels


Atlanta Business Chronicle has recently featured Legacy Ventures’ renovation and restoration of The American Hotel:

“Legacy Ventures has spent about $16 million to renovate downtown’s DoubleTree hotel. While it will remain branded a DoubleTree by Hilton, it will be called by its original name, The American Hotel.

Opened in 1962 by Dr. Marvin Goldstein, it was Atlanta’s first integrated hotel. That important legacy is now brought back to life in the hotel’s new design.

‘It’s incredibly timely to be relaunching a hotel that stands for a lot of inclusiveness,” said David Marvin, founder and president of Legacy Ventures, calling the property a throwback to a time when Atlanta was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. “It was the first hotel welcoming to all guests.’ …
‘I think people are interested in learning about history and they will find the mid-century modern design theme to be really fun, hip and edgy, and in many ways, timeless,’ Marvin said.”

Check out Amy Wenk’s full article here, as well as Atlanta Business Chronicle‘s video featuring the renovation.