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Asset Management

Legacy Ventures provides asset management services to hotel, restaurant and ancillary operations. In this role, Legacy Ventures provides a full range of services including financial and operational reviews, property condition assessments, capital expenditure planning, supervision of preventive maintenance, oversite of leasing activities, implementation of recapitalization strategies, potential asset sale strategies and supervision of corporate requirements such as audits and tax returns.

Legacy Ventures monitors and maintains client assets to achieve a single end: maximum return on investment. We operate with an owner-operator mindset to deliver the most significant possible value offering the following hospitality and real estate-focused asset management services:

  • Acquisition Analysis
  • Management Company Evaluation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Franchise Agreement Negotiations
  • Financing
  • Governmental Relations including Tax Appeals
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Contract Compliance
    • Franchise Agreement
    • Management Agreement
    • Loan Covenants
  • Financial Budget & Marketing Plan Review / Approval
  • Evaluation of Available Brands for Conversion
  • Capital Planning & Budgeting
  • Property Improvement Plan Negotiations and Pricing
  • Disposition Strategies

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